Marc and Ida Chagall Archive

The Marc and Ida Chagall Archive, a collection of several thousand documents, is the most consequential archive devoted to artist Marc Chagall. Composed of Marc Chagall’s correspondence (1910-1985), the collection is further supplemented by numerous administrative documents, photographs of works, and various documentary resources. For requests relating to the Marc and Ida Chagall Archive, please submit your query via the contact form. The Marc and Ida Chagall Archive reserve the right to communicate archival documents.

Other documents available on request

A. Personal and family archives

1A. Papers, photographs, and personal effects

1A.1. Public records and administrative documents
1A.1.1. Public records, family documents
1A.1.2. Distinctions (diplomas, certificates, honors)
1A.1.3. Personal network
1A.2. General administrative documents
1A.3. Administrative and personal documents of Marc and Ida Chagall
1A.4. Donated works
1A.5. Documentation gathered by Chagall on poets, painters, etc.
1A.6. Personal papers of Marc Chagall
1A.7. Personal papers of Ida Chagall
1A.8. Family and personal photographs of Marc and Bella Chagall

2A. Correspondence

2A.1. General correspondence
2A.1.1. “Assorted” letters
2A.1.2. Foreign correspondence
2A.1.3. Correspondence to Marc and Valentina Chagall
2A.1.4. Correspondence of Valentina Chagall (1983–1992)
2A.1.5. Correspondence of Ida Chagall (1940–1994)
2A.2. Professional correspondence
2A.2.1 Relations with museums and institutions (1920–1990s)           
2A.2.2. Relations with art dealers (galleries, auction houses, etc.) (1920–1983)
2A.2.3. Relations with publishers, authors, and bookstores (1946–2003)
2A.2.4. Relations with collectors and admirers (1916–1983)
2A.3. Personal correspondence
2A.3.1. Family correspondence (1910–2007)
2A.3.2. Friendly relations

3A. Writings of Marc and Bella Chagall

3A.1. Marc Chagall
3A.2. Bella Chagall

4A. Artistic creative work

4.A.1.Organization of work
4.A.2. Preparatory sketches (notes and sketchbooks)
4.A.3 Commissions

5A. Chagall and the Marc Chagall National Biblical Message Museum

5A.1. Donation to the French state
5A.2. Project of the Marc Chagall National Biblical Message Museum (1958–1977)
5A.3. Creation of the Marc Chagall National Biblical Message Museum

6A. Inventory of the works of Marc Chagall

6A.1. Works by Marc Chagall in the Pierre Matisse Gallery
6A.2. Works by Marc Chagall in Saint Paul de Vence (1965–1981)

B. Posterity and diffusion of the works of Marc and Bella Chagall

1B. Intellectual property and reproduction of works

1B.1. Copyright log
1B.1.1. Requests to reproduce works
1B.1.2. Relations with the ADAGP
1B.1.3. Correspondence related to copyright management (timelines)
1B.2. Collections of printings
1B.3. Publications reproducing works by Marc Chagall
1B.4. Lawsuits

2B. Cultural events

2B.1. Exhibits
2B.1.1. Exhibits that took place (in chronological order)
2B.1.2. Exhibits that did not occur
2B.2. Colloquia, meetings, seminars, conferences
2B.3. Master classes, art schools, academies
2B.4. Other events (concerts, etc.)

C. Photograph library

1C. Biographical and family photographs

2C. Official events and happenings

3C. Works

4C. Workshop albums

D. Documentation about Marc Chagall, his family, and his body of work

1D. Press review

2D. Publications about Marc Chagall (reviews, monthly magazines, special editions, catalogues)

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