The catalogue raisonné of Marc Chagall’s sculptures comprises ninety-seven sculptures made between 1952 and 1983: thirty-two bronze sculptures, most of which were cast in the Susse foundry in Malakoff, and sixty-five stone sculptures made in collaboration with marble worker Lanfranco Lisarelli, of which thirty-nine are carved in marble. This production also includes works in plaster, painted beach stones, and a composition. 
This sculpture bears a reference number confirming its inclusion in the catalogue raisonné. The sculptures in the catalogue are presented in chronological order, with no technical or thematic distinctions.

The scientific research for the catalogue raisonné of Marc Chagall’s sculptures was carried out by the team of researchers from the Friends of Marc Chagall Association in collaboration with the Marc Chagall Committee and the Marc and Ida Chagall Archive in Paris. 
Ambre Gauthier directed the critical catalogue and coordinated research. Sofiya Glukhova and Quitterie du Vigier were responsible for research and origin determination, and Marianne Le Morvan was in charge of scientific documentation. 

The catalogue raisonné is based on studies of the archives, documentation, and research carried out previously by Anne Dopffer, Johanne Lindskog, Ambre Gauthier, and Meret Meyer for the following Chagall exhibits: Sculptures at the Musée national Marc Chagall (May 27–August 28, 2017) and Marc Chagall, The Third Dimension (Tokyo Station Gallery, September 16–December 3, 2017; Nagoya City Art Museum, December 14, 2017–February 18, 2018; Aomori Museum of Art, March 10–May 6, 2018). The exhibits designed by Bruno Gaudichon for the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie André Diligent-La Piscine de Roubaix, as well as the restoration and studies carried out, since 1989, on Marc Chagall’s sculptures by Sandrine and Benoît Coignard, also served as a source of deeper knowledge about the materials and techniques employed. 

The Marc Chagall catalogue raisonné is the result of a scientific approach whose focus of study is necessarily dynamic. It may therefore be revised, edited, and enriched with new data. All information brought to the attention of the research team will be studied and verified. The Friends of Marc Chagall Association makes no guarantees with regards to the catalogue raisonné or its content, including its exhaustive nature or accuracy. The content of the Marc Chagall catalogue raisonné amounts to a statement of the opinion of its director and its authors. The content is based on the scientific interpretation of information by its director and its authors, as well as the circumstances known at the time these statements were made.

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