• , April 19, 1929, Letter

    Marc CHAGALL, Letter from Marc Chagall (Céret)., April 19, 1929 © Marc and Ida Chagall Archive, Paris

Letter from Marc Chagall (Céret).

Author : Marc CHAGALL

Recipient : Bella CHAGALL

Traducteur : Sofiya GLUKHOVA

  • April 19, 1929
  • Russian
  • Letter
  • AMIC-2A-0015-100

Declarations of love to Bella with a drawing. Mention of the book by Paul Fierens and Van Dongen.
Ida thinks her mom is the prettiest, not even Miss Hungary and Miss Europe. Paul Fierens in his book says that “Bella is everything for Chagall”. "You have entered my blood and my flesh and the real woman is the one in my paintings, not the woman in the magazines (Van Dongen)".